These Wedding Apps Can Help Simplify the Planning Process

January 10, 20180

Do you have a wedding coming up in the not-so-distant future? Wedding planning apps can be incredibly helpful.  So, whether you’re just starting your wedding planning or checking off the very last thing on your wedding checklist, here are some helpful apps for planning the wedding of your dreams while still maintaining a life.

The following apps can be helpful when it comes to wedding planning in making your life and the easier:

  • Pantone Color App: To create your wedding theme and palette, choose the color you want on Pantone. This will give you more complementary color options that you can mix and match until you get your perfect combination. The app is available only for iOS.
  • Trello: Forget that massive notebook—organize your entire wedding on Trello’s virtual pinboard. Line up each “card” in a column (select category names like Venue or Photography) and drag and drop as the task is completed or pushed back.
  • The Glam App: Vetting hair stylists, nail technicians, and makeup artists can be a lot of work. But with The Glam App, you get access to all the best beauticians in your area, narrowing down your search. This app gives you an array of beauty professionals to make you look your best on your most important day.
  • Pinterest is the mother of wedding planning apps. For hairstyles, dresses, shoes, venues, bouquets, color schemes, themes, décor, you name it, you’ll find all the inspiration you need on Pinterest. Download the app on your phone (or use a web browser on your computer) and create an account. Then, set up a wedding board and go crazy with endless inspiration ideas to browse and ‘pin’. This eases your explanations when you meet your vendor.
  • Weddington Way: Need to coordinate bridesmaids dresses for friends from coast to coast? Skip the stress (and the travel) of a group shopping trip with Weddington Way, which lets you browse styles using various filters (color, length, body type, price) and share and comment on selections in a virtual showroom. Plus, the site has more than just bridesmaid get-ups: You can find attire for groomsmen, flower girls, and yourself too.
  • Mint: Budgeting is an essential aspect of planning a wedding, and Mint is the tool to help you stay on track! About 75% of couples go over budget when planning their wedding … but Mint offers a wedding checklist that helps you stay within budget as you spend. It’s a place where you can document all your expenditures as you go, keep track of your spending, and account for everything at the end of the day.
  • Paperless Post: For your engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette party, bachelor party, and rehearsal dinner, use Paperless Post. This planning tool offers beautiful digital invites that you can personalize to your liking and send straight from your phone. This app is available only on iOS
  • Hopper: Not only is there a wedding to plan, but chances are, you’re planning a honeymoon too! Hopper is the perfect tool to track flight prices as they fluctuate (all while you can keep your mind off of it) and notify you when it’s the right time to buy.

Just like that, your wedding planning got so much simpler! Use all the resources you can to make your planning experience easier and more enjoyable – and then enjoy the rest of your time together!


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