Tips to Save Money on Your Big Day

January 8, 20180

Many couples who are planning a wedding are looking for ways to plan their big day on a budget. If you need ideas to cut costs– you’re in the right place!


We believe that you don’t have to spend a fortune to have a fabulous wedding. We can prove it! These are some great tips to help you save money on your big day and to plan your wedding on a budget:


  • Create a budget and stick to it: Setting your budget is the very important first step in ensuring you actually stick to it!
  • Cut the guest list: One of the biggest ways to cut costs is to reduce the size of your guest list. Having a smaller wedding can save you on every item of your wedding.
  • Choose an off-peak wedding date: Did you know your wedding date can actually affect the cost of your celebration? From choosing an off-peak month to a mid-week day, consider choosing an off-peak date to save money.
  • Do DIY projects to save money: If you’re looking for a way to save money on your wedding, consider tackling some do-it-yourself projects! Make your own decor, bake your own wedding cake, put together a DIY photo booth complete with props, or create personal wedding details yourself for less than buying new!
  • Choose a simple cake design: Big, elaborate, or ornate cake designs come at a premium cost because of the time and artistry required to create them. Choosing a simple and chic cake design can save you hundreds on your wedding cake!
  • Choose a naturally beautiful location: Opting for a wedding venue that doesn’t require a ton of decoration will save you on rentals and decorative elements. Outdoor locations with beautiful views, such as Stone Manor Boutique Inn, allow nature’s beauty to do the work for you.
  • Do what feels right for you: It’s so important to remain focused on the priorities of you and your partner, rather than letting obligations or other opinions impact your decisions. Do what actually feels right to you and have the kind of wedding you want, not just what other people expect.
  • Establish your priorities: Be intentional about setting priorities for your wedding day with your partner. Your wedding priorities should reflect your own personal and shared life goals and values, so the day can serve as a representation of the two of you!
  • Recruit talented friends to help: Explore your network of family and friends and call in some wedding favors. Whether it’s having a friend design your wedding invitations or an aunt bake your wedding cupcakes, utilize the resources you have in your network to save money. Using people in your circle in lieu of hiring professional vendors can save you money on your wedding!
  • Borrow what you can: One way to get some great wedding decor for less is to borrow items from family and friends. Your “something borrowed” can even be jewelry!
  • Upcycle items to use as wedding décor: Upcycling is a great way to create wedding decor on the cheap! You’ll be amazed at what a coat of spray paint can do to glass jars or bottles. Raid your own recycling bin for items that can be transformed from trash to treasure!

The amount you spend isn’t what makes a wedding beautiful, it’s the meaning and intention you put into the celebration. Remember, all you truly need to get married is you, your partner, a marriage license, and usually an officiant. If you want to have a celebration that includes your loved ones, hopefully the tips above can help you cut costs a bit and the experts at Stone Manor Boutique Inn are also always happy to help!

Ready to start planning? If you are looking for an elegant wedding venue in the picturesque mountains in Loudoun County, Virginia, look no further than Stone Manor Boutique Inn. We would love to provide you with an exceptional wedding and event planning experience! Contact us to learn more about how we can make your dream wedding a reality.