Turret Suite

The Turret Suite has curved walls and stained-glass windows that look out over the east, southeast, south and southwest. The bathing suite of the Turret rooms have white, heated marble floors, wainscoting, copper and grey veins that bring out the rich colors of the stone walls, and copper hand beaten sinks. The two-person shower is equipped with benches and ten adjustable sprays. The raised, two person Jacuzzi is also surrounded in white marble and has a European faucet that memorizes and delivers your personal water temperature preferences.

Weekend: $320.00 per night
Weekday: $270.00 per night 
Check-in time is 3:00 PM.

Turret Suite Room
Turret Suite Bed
Turret Suite Bench
Turret Suite Bathroom
Turret Suite Copper Sink
Turret Suite Bathroom Back
Turret Suite Jacuzzi
Turret Suite Shower
Turret Suite Bathroom