Stone Manor Boutique Inn



Peacock Suite

The windows of the neoclassical Peacock Suite face the western slope of the mountains and Stone Manor Boutique Inn’s first grape vines. A gazebo and garden are directly below the windows. The bedroom and bathing suites are appointed with a breathtaking French neoclassical suite of furniture, including spacious built-in closet and a 7′ long barrel-front mahogany and satinwood armoire with three closet doors. The king-sized bed is also part of the neoclassical suite, with columns of inlaid satinwood and carved mahogany leaves. Across from the bed, in between the two windows is a comfortable and beautifully carved Victorian couch. A small stained-glass peacock fountain is attached to the wall and a pair of French doors lead to a private balcony from the Peacock Suite that overlooks the dining hall.

The bathing suite of the peacock wing includes a sumptuous two-person shower with tile benches and ten adjustable water sprays. The Peacock bathing suite also has a raised two person Jacuzzi, dual lavatories within a breathtaking 18th century carved wash stand that is topped with artisan tiles. A matching end table from the matching neoclassical furniture is also in the bathing suite.