Stone Manor Boutique Inn



Manor Suite

The luxurious Manor Suite is about 1200 square feet, and it features a large private balcony overlooking the southern meadow. With its vaulted cathedral ceiling, living room, dining area, private kitchen, and hand carved king-size bed, the Manor Suite is a vision of opulence and luxury. The curved and graceful lines of the couches and the hand-carved armoire, dressing tables, and bureaus from a castle in Tuscany envelope you in romance and sumptuousness. The attached 17 ft x 22 ft private bathing suite is breathtaking. The tiled floors are covered in antique oriental hand-woven carpets and sheepskin rugs in front of the Jacuzzi as well as at the base of the two-person, 10 spray shower (which has benches and beautiful custom tile work). A Duncan Phyfe couch, covered in brocade, is provided for lounging and is across the room from the sinks that have been encased in an antique bureau. The water closet features a bidet and toilet.